2 - Manufacturing of printed wiring boards

2.1 - Mechanical technologies of PCBs

Floor-plan of the PCB laboratory
CNC drilling
The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) drilling system contains two important parts. There is a CNC drilling machine (have a look at the right side of the animation) and a control computer (in the left side). The computer processes the drill-file and gives control signals for the drilling machine. The file contains information on the used tools and x-y coordinates of the holes. The CNC labor has a manual drilling machine, too. This is used for special works or correcting errors.
Hand drilling
The manual drilling machine is used for special works, such as contour milling of boards, correcting the CNC drilling errors, or drilling prototypes in small series. This machine has a hand-positioning table system, which is used for aligning the board and the drilling head. The head is moving bottom-up to the board.
Brushing of drilled boards is the first step in surface processing. The board must be free of burr, caused by drilling. The brushing machine contains rotating metal wires and a conveyor system for transporting the board. For better efficiency, the board are continuously washed by water spraying. This process removes not only the burrs, but other contaminations as well.

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