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MELT-IMAPS app Quiz on Soldering Technology

What is an intermetallic compound? Which heat transfer methods are present at an infrared reflow oven process? How much is the resistance of an SMD with value code 101 ? - these are only a few out of the 50 questions which were asked at the first online MELT-IMAPS

Quiz Competition on Soldering Technology.

(promotion video, screenshots and the app are available on the above link)

IMAPS-Hungary, as part of the National Electronics Society of Hungary (NESH; MELT in Hungarian), have organized a Quiz competition in the end of December, 2020. 93 people registered in the application,from whom, the best scores were obtained by

Márk Vincze and Máté Tamás Vincze (secondary school students of Miskolci Szakképzési Centrum Kandó Kálmán Informatikai Technikum),


Richárd Kovács (BME VIK) in the univeristy student category.

Thanks and congatulations for all the competitors!


  • ERSA i-CON Pico soldering station and STANNOL soldering wire selection - offered by Microsolder Kft. - ERSA - STANNOL
  • gratis manufacturing of a 10x10 cm size printed wiring board designed by the contestant - BME VIK ETT
  • SENSIRION SHT31 senzor - Sensirion Hungary Kft.
  • 2020. year issues of Elektronet magazine - Heiling Média Kft.

The quiz questions were compiled by:

Béla Bődi (ELAS), Miklós Lambert (Milambi), Péter Regős (Microsolder), Attila Géczy (BME ETT/IMAPS), István Hajdu (BME ETT/IMAPS).